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Tenant Spotlight - Lincoln Canoe and Kayak

We had a chance to sit down with Marc Burgoin, CI Works tenant and President of Lincoln Canoe and Kayak and learn more about what him and his team have been up to!

Tell us about your business!

We are Lincoln Canoe and Kayak. We manufacture lightweight canoes and kayaks from fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon.

Lincoln is the oldest composite canoe and kayak manufacturer in the US, founded in 1959 by two college students looking for a lighter weight canoe for traveling through the wilds of northern Canada. First generation canoes were manufactured in Stow, Massachusetts and a short time after that operations were moved to Maine. Two years ago we decided to bring Lincoln back home to Massachusetts and we landed in Amesbury.

What problem(s) are you/your business trying to help solve?

Canoes and Kayaks can be heavy to put on and off cars and carry to and from the water. Many today are no longer built with craftsmanship, beauty and efficiency in mind. We’re helping people enjoy their lives more by providing a vehicle for exploring our waterways.

How is your company changing the world?

We build products that enable people to really enjoy the opportunity to get outside, be on the water and explore and connect with natural spaces. That’s empowering and needed more than ever.

What do you like about being a part of CI Works?

We still have a lot to learn in order to grow our business. Being part of a larger business community that appreciates and supports each other will help us achieve our goals.

What do you hope your company’s next milestone will be?

Sustain a rate of manufacturing that allows for continued growth and awareness – nationally and online. We want to double our sales by increasing our national distribution through growing our dealer base and on-line direct marketing.

What’s something cool about your team?

We are committed artisans that value building canoes and kayaks by hand. We care about what we do and we’re passionate about providing a unique experience for our customers.

Are there any causes you are passionate about?

Small local business development. Collaborating with like-minded businesses and organizations that are committed to having a positive impact on people and the environment.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Sustaining a business through challenging economic times. Being a Father. Being a husband. Being a friend.

What is something most people don’t know about your brand?

Lincoln’s are very light (this means people are more likely to get out and enjoy them more often) and that they’re manufactured in Massachusetts by hand.

See the Lincoln Kayaks in action here!

Learn more about Lincoln Canoe and Kayak

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