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Are Commuter Nightmares Actually Good for Small Businesses?

Boston has become famous for traffic congestion and hellacious daily commutes. It was congested before, and recent growth around metropolitan Boston and the Seaport district is making things much worse. And, businesses continue to desire to locate in / around Boston. There seems to be no end in sight as to growth and no solutions on the horizon from our elected wizards. Infrastructure is newspaper ideas vs. reality and job growth is political ‘gold’. There is no need to cover whopping real estate costs in Boston here.

The inception period for a start-up business is the most stressful period for the founder and the employees. If anyone thinks it is difficult to write a business plan, then you certainly have not ever, ever tried to actually start a business and execute a plan. It is not only difficult for the founder but equally rough for her commuters – err, employees. Hours are long and job descriptions include Jack-of-all-trades / master-of none descriptions. To add hours to these already long days with long commutes can kill a company. Some think that living in Boston makes for a convenience to work and enjoyable bike rides. Employees grow up quickly, get married and raise families – but not from a bike. Valued employees then become commuters.

Ever heard that history can be a good indicator of future results? Cities mature and businesses expand and grow in the suburbs near where their employees can afford to live and raise families. Why not make it easier on the success of your business and your employees by relocating your business to a more affordable location, a live here / work here location, and get ahead of the curve to increase your chance of success? It has proven successful before and will again.

This is what @CI_Works is all about. Join us or contact us for more information.

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