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Ken Gray is Right for Amesbury

We moved our business to Amesbury because of Mayor Ken Gray. If Ken Gray had never become mayor, our company – with its 225 jobs -- would not be here. It’s that simple. He is a great individual and also a terrific connector for businesses to engage with state government and elected officials that can help advance their success - as seen above.

CI Works moved to Amesbury in 2015 at the invitation of Mayor Gray. He understood the potential for numerous small businesses coming to Amesbury to expand not only the number of businesses in Amesbury, but also the commercial profile of the jobs and the city. Mayor Gray even identified a building owner and impressed upon the owner his desire to not have additional empty structures on his watch. Currently, CI Works occupies 100,000 square feet of mill buildings at 90+ % occupancy with 65 companies and 225 jobs located in Amesbury in the Lower Millyard district. These companies and employees create additional spending in Amesbury businesses.

Managing an entity or an organization requires relevant experience and continuity. The City of Amesbury certainly qualifies, and for continued progress, it requires proven leadership. Ken Gray has delivered significant results as Mayor, has numerous large projects moving forward at this time, and has new projects identified to progress in the future. This is how experience and continuity exhibit themselves in order to achieve success.

Amesbury possesses a significant history related to innovation. Innovation is not just the company and the product, but also the locale’s willingness to adapt to the changing requirements these companies need. Mayor Gray has been very open and willing to be flexible in addressing these evolving requirements. At CI Works, it is extremely simple for companies to locate here. BareWolf Brewery had been in contact with a number of cities and Amesbury proved to be the best option and most business-friendly. Consequently, the 2018 best small craft brewer in Massachusetts is located and growing in Amesbury.

Maples Crossing is another example where collaboration is a key element in their business, and it will provide tremendous benefits to the city. They have committed to working with other existing Amesbury businesses – at least 8 of which are located at CI Works. This will be both during construction as well as when operating. Mayor Gray has succeeded in obtaining state commitments to improve existing roads and infrastructure in the area that will benefit all residents. The new jobs will result in additional spending within the city as soon as construction begins, and the additional visitors to Amesbury will provide a significant economic boost to downtown businesses.

These projects need to be completed, and that will require continuity in government in order to see them through. Mayor Gray also has plans for additional reductions in residential tax rates, further improvements in the public schools, expansion of the Maples Crossing project scope with state support, and rejuvenation in the downtown. CI Works is not completed in our undertaking; rather, we are looking to continue to grow and expand in the Lower Millyard by working with Mayor Gray and the City of Amesbury to achieve this expansion and bring additional businesses here.

Re-Elect Mayor Ken Gray!

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