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Seasonal Innovation Updates

I went for a walk around CI Works earlier this morning, and found some interesting product versions being manufactured that have a seasonal flair to them:

First, there was the ski season North Shore Barn Door. It is hanging on a display and available for sale to skiing fans as ski season approaches.

Next, is a custom beautiful multi-door collection for use in one of the other tenant's homes to cover a large opening.

Finally, insulated metal roofs manufactured by has migrated from a conservative gray color scheme, to a Christmas theme roof in forest green. The picture below doesn't quite do it justice as to how green it actually is, but choice of color is in the eyes of the home owner. I was told that another customer has recently been selected by a homeowner for a red metal roof.

As the holidays season approaches, it will be interesting to see what others design. We should have a contest and share additional designs.

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