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Electrification - of businesses

This is a subject that points in two different directions – related devices and infrastructure. Despite all of the crazy noise about fossil fuels and global warming not being real, it is. Global warming not being man created is a 19th century theory espoused by some as a political tool but still just dumb. Both energy companies – producers and distributors - and motorized transportation companies – autos and trucks – have bet their futures on electrification of vehicles now and into the future. Energy companies have made investments in both solar and wind renewable energy production and have committed in those directions and away from fossil fuels while developing a balanced approach. They have developed migration strategies that include jobs. Only the dinosaur companies remain committed to fossil fuels – prior to their own bankruptcies, which are inevitable.

As the devices markets grow to production and sales, they rely on corresponding expansion of an electrification support infrastructure. In the motorized transportation segment – that infrastructure was always gas stations and is now evolving to EV charging stations. The network will evolve both in terms of charging station availability as well as internet based networking to find available ports, reserve access to them in advance, as well addressing the related financial consideration involved. CI Works is now committed to being part of the infrastructure expansion leveraging the 11 Chestnut St. address. We have identified government and utility programs to assist on the financial side to purchase and install 10 charging station locations in our parking lot. We are working with a partner firm – All-Pro Electric regarding applications, planning, and installation. All-Pro has developed the expertise and is making it easy for CI Works to access these programs and install devices. This expertise is further transportable to other commercial buildings. Further, CI Works will make the investment to become part of the on-line availability and reservation network.

CI Works intends to make access available to our tenant companies and their employees during normal business hours as an employee benefit, to their visitors and customers during open hours including evenings, and to local residents at other times – all free of charge. We view this as a marketing investment to help our tenant companies to grow and retain employees, to link the CI Works brand to environmental sustainability, to attract new tenant companies that value similar approaches, and do our part developing infrastructure to benefit our planet by eliminating demand for fossil fuels. Please join us in this undertaking.

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