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What is your best commercial lease option?

There are many commercial lease options out there. Searching for a new commercial space can be tough. How do you know what is included in your lease? Are you getting the most out of your monthly rent payment? We're here to help you find your best commercial lease option.

You may have seen statements in commercial real estate listings like "Lease does not include utilities, property expenses, or building services".

Commercial office space listing from online real estate marketplace showing that the lease rate does not include utilities, property expenses, or building services..
A sample commercial office space listing from an online real estate marketplace.

These statements mean that on top of your base rent, you'll need to pay for those services yourself as the tenant. It also means that what is being advertised in the listing as the monthly rent, isn't your true monthly cost associated with leasing that space. These types of leases are commonly known as "Double-Net" or "Triple-Net (NNN)" leases, where the tenant may be responsible for paying rent, taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs, and the lease agreement usually favors the landlord's interests. A better option is known as a "Fully Serviced Lease" or a "Gross Lease" – which means that the landlord pays all or most of the common costs up front and then factors a percentage of these costs into the rent payment in favor of the tenant based on their usable square footage.

At CI Works, we believe that your base rent payment should include all of those fees plus some extra perks and amenities that, to other landlords, may be considered out-of-pocket costs for the tenant. We offer what we consider a "Gross+ Lease". The Gross+ Lease is your best option when looking to rent a commercial space. We'll never surprise you with NNN charges and we provide many amenities to our tenants at no extra charge!

A stacked bar graph displaying the non-standard extras included in a CI Works base rent
At CI Works, your base rent payment is the only payment you'll make to us. All of the extras are included.

CI Works is a commercial property offering a variety of office, flex, and light manufacturing spaces for lease. In addition to our unique building, we offer many extras at no additional cost to our tenants:

  • Internet & utilities (including snow removal)

  • 24/7 building access

  • Digital marketing for tenants via CI Works platforms like our monthly e-newsletter, website, blog, and social media

  • Conference rooms & large meeting spaces (available for reservation)

  • Loading dock and freight elevator access

  • Onsite parking for tenants and guests – including multiple Electric Vehicle charging stations

  • Waste removal for large waste generated onsite

  • Janitorial and maintenance for common areas including restrooms, kitchen, and conference rooms

If you are interested in learning more about leasing opportunities at CI Works, please contact Mark, co-founder of CI Works, for a tour!

Mark Friery (

CI Works building us a combination of office, flex, and light manufacturing space located in a refurbished mill building in Amesbury, MA
CI Works is located at 11 Chestnut St, Amesbury, MA.


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