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Many commercial business / office environments appear to be new and really cool spaces...but are very isolated by individual companies and almost antiseptic as to the day to day feel. At CI Works, we promote open, interaction, and collaboration. Throughout each day, companies are communicating and interacting continuously.  They are working together, solving each others’ challenges, noodling solutions, integrating products, or just sharing a beer. They are helping each other to grow their businesses.

why collaborate?


There is extensive near and long-term value obtained by our client companies through in-kind resources in knowing who to contact as potential partners and also obtain some advice prior to entering into a paid transaction with each partner.


Advice, expertise sharing, and connectivity are valued in kind resources that are leveraged through events and seminars held at CI Works.



The ecosystem at CI Works not only provides capabilities to new businesses but also identifies potential new customers for existing businesses.


This collaboration creates two sided customer development opportunities and also facilitates job creation and retention in businesses.


Our tenant companies are much closer to job creation and cash flow necessary to transition from a sponsorship participant to a paying client of the sponsor service provider.

“What you see happening here... is truly the envy of communities across the country. When we talk about fostering small businesses and innovation, and also revitalizing downtowns, this is exactly what cities & towns across America are trying to do.”

– Congressman, Seth Moulton

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