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Recent Growth @CI Works - Amesbury

In addition to continued growth in our number of tenants to 64 businesses located here in 3 years, a number of these businesses are growing themselves. During the month of May – the following tenants have expanded their leases and their employees. See the examples below:

Blackburn Energy – has recently doubled their space to improve their positioning in dealing with investors and large truck manufacturers while pursuing product sales. Blackburn has also recently added a new CEO – Peter Russo to be the outwardly focused member of the team to expedite their growth. Merrimack Valley Planning Commission has recognized Blackburn Energy and will feature the company as a manufacturer ‘story’ located in the Merrimack Valley on their new web site. MVPC is currently rebranding to focus the future Valley economic development growth by reviving the focus on specialty products actually being made here. Blackburn has also been honored through selection by Mass Innovation Nights. Innovation is happening in Amesbury.

Building Envelope Materials - increased their space at CI Works as they have broadened their product portfolio to begin developing projects to deploy their product. They needed to increase their research lab space, office space, and increase their footprint to accommodate their additional employee. BEM has added an experienced contractor to focus on the product implementation space for injected rigid foam insulation working with contractors on building / renovation projects. BEM has also been recipient of significant awards from the US Department of Energy and the Massachusetts CleanEnergy Center related to their research and product development technology and the methodology for deployment. Now, BEM is taking their product technology to market and deployment in Massachusetts.

North Shore Barn Doors – what started as an opportunity to move out of the confines of the ‘house’ has taken off in terms of sales. The woes of ‘what will I be getting myself into with a lease’ have turned into – “what took me so long?” The CI Works facility has provided the functionality and access needed to manufacture large doors from reclaimed wood in some instances hundreds of years old into decorative doors for residential and commercial buildings. NSBD has decided to almost double their footprint after five short months in order to acquire and store more precious inventory as it becomes available and to manufacture more ‘barn doors’. They need to be able to capture the available wood stock when it becomes available.

This is what @CI Works is all about. Join us or contact us for more information.

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