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The Future of the Fairway!

FlingGolf was started to solve a simple problem: Golf can be frustrating.

Through the prototyping and subsequent company launch, we acknowledged that we can also solve the additional problems that golf is expensive, takes a long time to learn, and can be “stuck up.”

Each problem statement can be used for targeted marketing campaigns. It’s about understanding your audience which, for us, is outlined as age, location, and interests. Additionally, we know that this is the season for gift giving so we also expand that category to further target lacrosse and hockey families looking for “that unique present.”

Our marketing and advertising budget, like most start-ups, is dynamic since a lot is still experimental. Traditional print media solicits us regularly and we politely decline since we’ve validated that the majority of our audience is social-media based. Print simply does not give us the return-on-investment (ROI) for our target audience(s). That stated, we have existing partnerships that enable us to advertise in industry magazines that reach a tangent audience. We call this the education approach since this content focuses on the “learn more” message rather than the “experience message” that we can convey via social channels.

We are constantly reminded of the statement “content is king and data is queen except when data is king and content is queen.” With content advertising, feedback (data) is essential to determine what works, what needs to be tweaked,

and what can be boosted to wider audiences. This targeted marketing loop has been successful in helping FlingGolf become “The Future of the Fairway.”

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