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The Need to Succeed

Challenging times require people to step up to even unforeseen challenges. COVID-19 is not like anything any of us have encountered before. Our businesses do not have the benefit of prior experience in dealing with a similar situation...this one is unprecedented. We are all writing our own survival strategies, but in the cumulative, CI Works businesses have addressed different chapters and approaches that can represent different tactics others can attempt. CI Works has left the applicability of the 'essential' guidance up to each company because you know your businesses better than we do and only asked that you comply as applicable with the guidance.

This newsletter is focused away from the doomsday news reports we hear continually each day - cases, symptoms, death, politics, and unemployment - and toward successes that have been achieved individually by companies in spite of circumstances. Every company needs to revisit their 2020 strategy and business plan to adapt to the current conditions and incorporate mitigations now and for the future. One company, self diagnosed as 'non-essential' and executed stay at home until it was contacted by one of their customers - Raytheon - an essential business. They have now been opened up to supply product / services to their customer. Raytheon's essential designation benefited companies in their supply chain. Look carefully at your customers.

Businesses need to re-open in order to succeed - with expediency. Safety needs to be incorporated in re-opening but can't be an obstacle much longer as to dates. CI Works plans to re-open as soon as possible and consistent with state and municipal guidelines. These guidelines are expected to be general in nature and specificity will need to be included at the individual company level and based upon common sense and mutual success. Within each leasehold, each company can implement specific practices as each sees fit to protect employees and customers. In common areas, CI Works will comply with the state and municipal guidelines. Additional practices that we intend to include are:

- employees and visitors should take their temperature prior to entering any buildings and if feverish, refrain from entering

- face masks / shields should be worn inside buildings in common areas and when social distancing cannot be maintained

- maintain social distancing guidelines as much as practical

- group meetings will need to be avoided in the near term - consistent with guidelines

- common areas and leaseholds should be wiped down with cleaner after use and periodically by individual companies. Each of you are responsible for areas visited and surfaces touched by your employees and visitors.

If we all take our own security seriously and behave responsibly, we will have the greatest chance of maintaining our health and the safety of our workspaces. Stay safe!

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