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Creating Innovation Opportunities for Tenant Businesses

CI Works recently hosted the kickoff event for Mass CleanEnergy Center InnovateMass program for the upcoming year. Our tenant businesses were exposed to CleanEnergy Center funding programs and CEC was exposed to new technologies located here in Mass. One business –, which recently migrated here from NH, has just applied for the grant from Mass CEC.

This project actually entails the installation of a solar thermal project on the roof of CI Works Amesbury The project would result in the Center utilizing a renewable energy source as part of the building’s heat sources to lower the use of carbon fuels for heating. Successful completion of this project will result in reduced heating costs at CI Works, a revenue opportunity for, and job creation in Mass. The project will also create a demonstration site that can benefit all parties and a potential WIN – WIN – WIN for all involved.

Another benefit to be gained by is their utilization of the CI Works Equipment Lab – partially funded by the Mass CleanEnergy Center in a grant to CI Works. This represents equipment and manufacturing services access that the company does not need to identify and acquire themselves. This represents a jump start in their time to market, research, and time to revenue. They will also have a real live in production demonstration site that can be used in their marketing. At the same time, their intellectual property is not exposed to sponsors as experienced at other similar locations.

Where else could the Mass Clean Energy Center also have a demonstration site of how their investment is actually put to good use? We plan to host subsequent Clean Energy Center programs and events here to display the benefits. Our goal at CI Works is to benefit from as many of these renewable energy products and share the marketing opportunity of a demo site. We look forward to achieving similar results on behalf of our tenants here at CI Works.

This project represents an innovative approach to business that can benefit our tenants, our sponsor partners, and our own carbon footprint. Please contact us if you have any questions of ideas for similar project implementations.

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