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Normalcy (Some) Returns

Let me be clear – I am an advocate for the environment, try to do what I can to reduce climate change through behavior, and believe in science. Individually, we can’t make a big impact, but by being an example for behavioral change, one can influence others and in the aggregate make an impact. At CI Works, we host a number of companies that are in developing industries related to energy savings and renewable energy and thankfully others that also have adjusted behaviors to recycle, reuse, eliminate use of toxic materials like high VOC content products, don’t idle engines for long periods, and just make those little changes so needed by all. CI Works also strives to make a 100 year old mill building as energy efficient as possible and not fossil fuel based, as I’ve described in earlier posts and will describe further progress in the future.

Normalcy will come from the development of a sensible long term energy strategy for the nation – that states and cities can then embrace and incorporate in plans. Some states and cities have made strides, but an energy strategy is even a global approach, not just local, and others states / cities unfortunately have not. This strategy is long overdue, but even a consistent approach after the last 4 years of inconsistency, impulsive behavior, and a guideline of personal wealth making first are hopefully behind us. Rolling back EPA guidelines to 1960’s standards with air pollution and contaminates, increasing the use of coal and oil to generate electricity, and opening additional ocean tracts to more oil drilling are just plain – DINOSAUR behavior. And, a particular DINOSAUR flew off into the sunset of Florida yesterday – extinction? Fossil fuel use will continue for years but must be migrated toward renewable sources on a consistent basis and hence comes the job transfer and creation in an emerging industry and away from fossil fuels.

Consistency for businesses is a very important attribute to success. Businesses must commit to a strategy and just plain stick it. That is not to say that getting stuck in the mud is an attribute. Like everything else, in a fast changing world, it is in achieving a balance that includes a consistent strategy and an ability to pivot as required by changing conditions, as an example – use of the internet by businesses. Those businesses that did not embrace internet use are now dead. Having a consistent hand on the throttle in Washington as well as a clear communication strategy that is truth and science based are also important to businesses. Did anyone else notice – that in the last 2 months both GM and Ford are advertising on TV and other media electric vehicles in their iconic brands now? They did not come up with that idea the day after the election, rather have been working on it for years to be ready for market now, but feared retribution from the President if they differed in approach from his rhetoric. That is not a good business practice.

It is important right now for businesses to revisit their strategies, incorporate an expected consistency from the federal government including adequate air cover for states, based upon each state government’s leadership and reduce the number of enormous variables faced – like the pandemic in their back up plans. That has not gone away yet – but check back in 100 days and see if progress is being made.

Good luck and success to all!

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