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100 Year Old Energy Hog Goes Green

When CI Works purchased real estate – we looked at building expenses and decided that we had to reduce our operating expenses and felt that it would be a plus to lower the building’s carbon footprint at the same time. We also realized that we now owned a 100+ year old building that looked like it came with lights invented at that time. There also existed the opportunity to improve the working and safety conditions for tenants and their employees. Only problem was – who on earth actually can work with a utility and understand rebate programs – particularly for commercial customers? It is an approach meant to keep people in the dark as effectively as possible.

I was contacted by Steve Grabowsky from EnergySource regarding an ability evaluation – starting with the low hanging fruit – lighting…thankfully. It was painless, thorough, expedient, obviously high expertise, and very pleasant people to deal with: “We greatly appreciate that Steve Grabowski and the Energy Source team were willing to stick with us through an elongated real-estate purchase and improve our facility in a timely manner.”


CI Works, located in Amesbury, MA is a mill building that has been transformed into a multifunctional facility housing a number of small early stage businesses from a brewery to manufacturers, inventors, foam insulators, marketing experts, lawyers, artists, and many more. The facility dating over 100 years old totals over 50,000 square feet of office and manufacturing floor space which was comprised of inefficient and inadequate lighting systems and outdated thermostats. These existing systems did not produce a quality and safety-first environment for the employees’ well-being. With an opportunity to save, CI Works partnered with Energy Source for a comprehensive energy efficiency project.


Energy Source worked closely with the CI Works team throughout each phase of the energy savings project. To meet CI Works goals, Energy Source evaluated the existing lighting and mechanical systems identifying the scope and creating a customized energy savings plan. The energy savings plan included the recommendation to retrofit the interior and exterior lighting to LED technology and install programmable thermostats. In addition, looking at the efficiency of the heating systems and motors…..and installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station with infrastructure build out paid by the utility.

To maintain savings guaranteed, National Grid help offset the out-of-pocket expense by providing an up-front incentive of $36,869, cutting the total project cost by 70%. The LED lighting not only improved efficiency but the enhanced light output significantly enhanced employee work conditions and morale. The programmable thermostats allow the employees to preset temperatures to achieve a comfortable environment throughout the day. As a result CI Works reduced their annual energy usage 109,486 kBTu which equates to reducing greenhouse gases (CO2) by 123,488 pounds annually. The efficiency project will pay for itself through the energy savings earned in 12 months.

Energy and carbon footprint management are ongoing challenges for businesses and residences. Through EnergySource – we found a way to take an impactful first swing and hit and will continue in this direction as a continuous effort.


kWh savings: 109,486 Annually

Total Project Cost: $53,670

Energy Savings: $16,070 Annually

Payback period: 12 months

Rebate: $36,869 (70%)

Customer Investment: $16,801

Next chapter – 188 kW solar PV system through Summit Solar on this building roof to meet 90% of building electricity demand.

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