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CI Works adds valuable component to Business Ecosystem to help growing companies succeed

CI Works has added a Manufacturing Partner Program to its list of benefits for the growing companies that have joined its expanding Business Ecosystem.

The new Partner Program connects growing companies with mature specialty-manufacturing partners and vendors that they need to accelerate their growth. The program creates the ability to tap into existing expertise that has taken years to develop and create innovative strategies to get products to market faster and more cost effectively.

The Partner Program is of no cost to Innovation Center tenants, and is designed to be symbiotic, benefiting both growing companies as well as the external partner. Intending to pick up where incubators leave off, the program helps companies that are ready to take ideas and prototypes and move into production profitably.

“There has always been a forced exit point – graduation – for growing companies to exit incubators without any accommodation for an expeditious landing,” says co-founder Mark Friery, “CI Works' Business Ecosystem fits that need, and now facilitates partnerships as one of the benefits.”

The Partner Program is now in place and has already yielded a number of business connections including a partner for FlingGolf to supply specialty finishes for custom product versions, and for Wire Techniques to supply specialty circuit boards that dissolves a supply chain bottleneck from Asia by manufacturing locally.

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