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Unique Gently Used Clothing for Sale at Lizlikes

CI Works would like to welcome a new member to our community of small businesses – Liz Messina of Lizlikes.

Liz has a passion for saving quality, gently used clothing from the landfill. She keeps her online store stocked with unique and stylish finds for the whole family. She also has a soft spot for vintage clothing. She will be using her new space to photograph and market her wares before she sends them off to their new homes.

We are so excited to provide Liz with a new space to call home for her clothing business. Check out what else Liz had to say about herself and her business below:

How do you think being located at CI Works will help you to grow your business?

Having a dedicated work space outside of my home will help me stay more focused and productive.

What is something you've accomplished in the last few years that you are most proud of?

Growing what once was just a hobby into a profitable part-time business that I can use to help support my family.

What is something you want other tenants at CI Works to know about you and your business?

The fashion industry is the second most polluting of all industries. Please consider ditching fast fashion and instead support more sustainable brands and shop second hand where possible.

Want to get in touch with Liz?
If you’ve never checked out Poshmark before, use referral code LIZLIKES to join and get $10 off your first purchase.

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