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CI Works receiving global interest

CI Works has recently had the privilege of a visit from a company from Barcelona, Spain interested in moving to the United States, and particularly Massachusetts. It is a renewable energy breakthrough technology that can generate electricity from otherwise ordinary light sources. They have a patent on their technology already in Spain. They seek to move to the US and form a company to generate revenue and create jobs. They are working through the challenges of US incorporation, obtaining visas for company personnel, and develop product production partnerships here. CI Works is attractive to them because our focus is on taking products to market and not exposing their patented technology.

Our goal at CIWorks is to assist these new tenants and provide them with access to our network of businesses that ultimately provides an integrated onboarding process at reasonable price points to assist with their entry to the United States / Massachusetts. We also strive to connect them to the right government agencies intended to support businesses moving here, amongst the alphabet soup of government agencies. These organizations have committed to working with these early stage tenants without attempting to poach their intellectual property. Rather, they seek to work with them in creating sales channels leading to revenues and job growth. Growth in these areas is how we all win at CI Works!

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