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Graduating from an Incubator? What entrepreneurs should consider...

So, you’ve completed the “ideation” stage of your business plan, “bread boxed” the key component of your device and maybe raised a little money. Now you need a little manufacturing space for yourself, having realized that the incubator’s “maker space” might not be a path to replicate your product into cash flow. The alternative of licensing your product early stage to the incubator’s sponsor for a song doesn’t seem attractive – oh, yeah – you’re an entrepreneur.

Congratulations, you are about to learn what “the valley of death” means. Too early for a bank, not in the right sector to attract venture capital, you find yourself limited by resources available from yourself, family & friends. Whatever funds you gather will have to get your product to market & cash flow, or the valley of death will claim you.

And that nice big building across the street wants you to rent an 8,000 square foot area in order to access a loading dock and necessary utilities and available cash will last three months; when you really only need, and can afford, 500 square feet.

At CI Works our business model anticipates and supports this need by making manufacturing space and cooperative services available in footprints as small as 500 square feet. What you need, rather than what we can sell you. Our collaborative innovation model is designed to increase your odds of navigating through the valley of death to cash flow and bankable scale while you retain control over your company, create jobs and independence.

Join us at CI Works to be a successful entrepreneur and generate revenue.

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