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Tenant Spotlight - BareWolf Brewing

Stevie Bareford has had a busy month trying to get his new business, BareWolf Brewing, up and running. He took a few minutes to answer some questions about the Brewery in this month's Tenant Spotlight.

Who are you?

We are BareWolf Brewing, makers of the best beer you've never had yet!

What is your business?

We are a microbrewery.

Is there a story behind your business?

Paul and Stevie, a father/son team, have mashed up their respective years of experience in business and brewing to open this production facility.

What problem(s) are you/your business trying to help solve? Involuntary sobriety and terminal lack of fun.

How is your company changing the world?

We are making the excellent, eye-popping beer that we can't find in bars, restaurants and bottle shops.

Why do you like being a part of the bigger CIWorks puzzle?

For us CI Works started as a functional location, turned into a great landlord, actualized as a cool community of makers, and has become a new home.

What do you hope your company’s next milestone will be? We hope to be open in July!


What’s cool about your team?

We all have a singular focus in making our brewery the best possible thing that we can imagine, from our handcrafted (with real damn hands) beers to our hand built taproom. You have never been as obsessed about a thing as we are about beer.

Are there any causes you are passionate about? We love animals, hate preservatives, need community and get all warm and fuzzy when we share our tradecraft with folks.

What is your biggest fear? Sharks.

What is your proudest accomplishment? Having the stones to put everything on the line to make a fun dream become a cold, hard reality.

What is something most people don’t know about you/your brand?

Most people? They don't know we exist yet. Not for long.

Learn more about BareWolf Brewing here!

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