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How to Find a $$$ Grant (most people don't know how)

A tenant company here at CI_Works has just been notified of of a significant grant award from the US Department of Energy. Congratulations to Building Envelope Materials. Read this PR for more details...

Building Envelope Materials (BME) focus is on building energy efficiency within existing and new buildings - not a glamorous subject, but a very important component of the US energy strategy, as evidenced by the DoE grant. BME has also previously received numerous grant awards from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. These awards recognize the dogged persistence of Doug Lamm and his team in advancing his 'technology' and his company.

The integral part of this announcement is that the award is to a true entrepreneur leading a product / services company growing revenue sources and intended to create jobs. BME is not a research lab nor a research university. Often those entities concepts / plans get tied to large corporations that then own it and incorporate it and either incorporate in existing product lines on their existing timetables or just bury them under a patent to control the competitive landscape and ensure it never advances and competes with them. This is clearly a flaw in government investing in new technologies - to benefit large corporations or ride a bench and die.

Additional companies located here at CI_Works have actually received US DoE and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center funding - at least five. What this means is that through their dogged pursuit of identifying grant opportunities, locating them, and completing applications successfully - they have developed a significant level of expertise in the grant landscape. They can be enormous resources for start up companies with new technologies in the energy field.

The companies located at CI_Works thrive on collaboration with other businesses - it is part of their own success formulas. I would encourage early stage businesses that include grant funding as part of their business plans to co-locate in a location with other previously successful grant awardees. This resident expertise will help guide you, expedite your grant application processes, and expedite your time to funding. We all believe that plenty of grant funding sources exist critical to success, but find them difficult to actually locate and incredibly uncertain as to actual timeframes to money.

Join us at CI_Works and leverage the experience and expertise of other tenant businesses located here and share in the

Collaboration partners in action.

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