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Materials Re-Use + Environmental Impact Businesses

@CI_Works has a new tenant company in January, 2018 – North Shore Barn Doors - . I was talking with Jeff Filipov (owner) earlier this week about his company, products, and processes used. The

company name pretty much reveals part of his secret formula. The other formula parts are creativity, sourcing of materials, and hard work producing a high quality product. The product was more of a decorative use, but the process is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, how much environmental progress is made by a lab inventing things that may never come to fruition and for those that do, how many are put on a corporate shelf to prevent competition?

While the incremental production formula does not produce the high techie and bleeding edge products that the state of Massachusetts favors and invests in, but it does produce favorable economic results and environmentally sustainable products. Jeff uses raw materials that include the re-use of old timber and rustic metal parts with some ingenuity and creativity added in. The product does not require the energy usage and environmental impact involved in tree cutting, milling and sanding wood, extensive amounts of wood waste, and use of high VOC content finishing products. Jeff also has located in a building that already exists – so no extensive new construction materials, no large energy use required for construction, and no additional impervious surfaces created.

Jeff moved his company to @CI_Works to co-locate with other woodworking related businesses resident here. He wants to engage other woodworkers with extensive expertise in other wood related businesses to expand expertise, utilize diverse skills, and even share equipment and tooling. Beyond wood related businesses, @CI_Works includes marketing businesses, professional services, and other expertise related businesses. Each business becomes sales arms for the other to grow revenues and create jobs. Tenants @CI_Works include renewable energy, building envelope, solar thermal roofs, but we also include other business focused on the re-use of materials.

My personal view is that the state should look favorably on this type of economic development – MA businesses, MA job creation remaining in Massachusetts, and the re-use of existing constructed facilities that have served municipalities and the state well for many years and recognize that times change. @CI_Works has not had success with the state related to economic development – maybe because a proven business model and not a creatively new and catchy initiative, in high tech or bio-tech favored industries, or enough high visibility potential…..while in search of the next Evergreen Solar and Tech Sandbox fails . Good luck!

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