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Product Development – Near to Home (Yours)

It is always fascinating to watch companies grow and expand through product development activities. Some can be extremely technical, some chemical, and some so engineering complex that my eyes glaze over. These are exercises for PhD’s. One company @CIWorks manufactures products that you can look at and understand – Everyone knows what a roof is and does, right?

INRoof began in the building trade and sought to advance to better roofs for residential and commercial buildings. Metal roofs are more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles but last longer. They are actually ahead of their time as to coping with the more severe climate conditions developing.

Phase 1 – better roof that lasts longer in more challenging weather conditions.

INRoof’s product development utilizes the same metal roof they have proven expertise in installing and using the sun’s energy to harvest the thermal energy captured by the roof. It still looks the same on the outside, but the underside is where the harvesting is done at the same time that insulation is added to the roof of the building. Passive solar thermal energy now provides heat to the building too via proven heat pump technology.

Phase 2 – roof looks the same, still doesn’t leak, lasts longer, and heats the building – LOW Technology risk. is currently testing using the same physical roof as racking for deployment of solar photo voltaic energy (electricity) gathering by using a thin skin solar PV product that doesn’t require additional racking equipment and cost. One is still looking at the same metal roof that is now gathering both thermal energy and solar electric energy. Same roof – no leaks, lasts longer, keeps building warmer, heats building, and now powers the building electrically too. This could be your home.

Small businesses developing understandable products that don’t require a PhD or a complex lab to develop. This is what @CIWorks is all about. Join us or contact us for more information.

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