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InRoof.Solar Installation Project

InRoof Solar is much more than just your average roofing company. Specializing in solar energy, they use the finest integrated solar thermal collectors that give you the benefits of solar energy without having large bulky solar panels.

For those who reside in New England, the cost to heat and cool your home is enough to make you want to move to where costs are more affordable. With an InRoof Solar roof your pockets will thank you and so will the environment.

InRoof Solar just recently hit a milestone. After becoming one of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s 2017 InnovateMass grant recipients, InRoof decided to do a commercial install at Johnson Lumber in Salisbury, MA. This large business facility uses solar thermal energy to offset space heating costs. The InRoof installation stretches across the 6,500-sq. ft. building made up of insulated, standing seam metal roofing panels. To the eye, the roof is simply made of standing seam metal roofing panels, but there is an entire integrated solar thermal collector built in to the back side of the panel.

So how does it work? The system takes solar thermal energy from the sun, transfers the heat to a storage tank, and pairs with a heat pump which allows for very efficient use of energy.

The average New England home spends 75% of their energy on water and space heating. InRoof offers an opportunity for savings and an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. InRoof likes to call this a game changer and we agree! is an excellent example of innovation – at multiple levels. Not only is the solar thermal product representing an innovative approach to leveraging solar energy as a potential heat source; it is also an innovation related to leveraging an existing core competency – Harkness Built has been framing buildings and installing metal roofs for decades and now Fred has identified a new market opportunity; finally, the skill sets of employees have been broadened to include plumbing, touch of engineering, and leaning toward electrician in the near future.

That is what CI Works is all about. Join us or contact us for more information.

Innovation – Innovation - Innovation

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