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Fraunhofer CSE pays CI Works Amesbury a Visit!

You could say CI Works is home to a vast variety of clean energy businesses including InRoof.Solar, Blackburn Energy, Cape Built and Building Envelope Materials; just to name a few. They’re all developing very different technologies but with the same goal in mind: creating a product that will better serve the environment and our community.

CI Works has orchestrated several introductions and opportunities throughout the years. One of which is the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a state economic development agency which focuses on the growth of clean energy while developing economic, financial and environmental benefits. MassCEC has awarded grants to now five CI Works Tenant businesses, including the ones mentioned above. Some have received follow on funding, all remain in business and are creating jobs.

CI Works Clean Energy tenants recently had the opportunity to meet with Nick Rancis, Lead of the TechBridge Program at Fraunhofer CSE. Fraunhofer is a world class research and engineering organization related to clean energy. Open to partnering with companies in advancing research, testing, making introductions, and even assist in creating partnerships with other organizations. Fraunhofer CSE and MassCEC work closely to develop programs for clean energy projects.

Following the Fraunhofer presentation, CI Works tenants had the opportunity to showcase their technologies to Rancis. After touring the CI Works Amesbury facility Rancis sat down with CI Works CEO, Bob OBrien to further discuss the available opportunities for tenants over a cold Barewolf Brew (perks of having a brewery in the building). There were a few technologies that Rancis hinted he was rather impressed with and thought they would be complements to Fraunhofer’s current products portfolio.

We can’t thank Nick Rancis enough for making the trek up to Amesbury and for taking the time to speak with us. We’re excited to see what the future holds for our tenants! CI Works exists to assist our tenants in making connections that will facilitate their growth and welcomes other similar technologies.

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