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State Representative James Kelcourse Meets With CI Works Tenants

CI Works invited state representative James Kelcourse to visit here this past Friday and meet with tenant businesses located here as well as other Amesbury businesses. Jim was very engaging with each company as to his role as a state rep, how his office would provide support to them on issues that they might be encountering whether it was obtaining required permitting or working on key legislation that impacts their businesses, or in connecting them to do business with the state of Massachusetts.

One subject of interest to multiple companies and representatives from the City of Amesbury that were present this morning is passage of required legislation to approve the MA version of Commercial PACE. I'm not going to describe the program here other than to say that it presents great opportunities to owners of commercial buildings / businesses, revenue to the city of Amesbury, and project revenue to companies located at CI Works. PACE allows the owner of the building to own the complete set of available benefits from a solar project installation including the ability to transfer ownership of the building and the solar array as a betterment tied to the building.

Rep. Kelcourse jumped on assisting with moving PACE forward and was already texting MA House leadership to find the status of the particular legislation and see how to move it forward to approval. It was fantastic to see that type of engagement and forward momentum that has dogged commercial property owners for 2 years. Thanks to the participating businesses and also Rep. Kelcourse for jumping to work on their behalf.

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