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We've Got Our Tenant Spotlight on Successful Solutions!✏️

Who are you?

Kathy Ells – teacher/tutor

What is your business?

Is there a story behind your business?

After a teaching career spanning 35+ years, 6 school districts, both public and private, 3 licenses, 1 Master’s Degree, 20+ years experience with language based learning disabilities, 15+ years experience with teaching general education math/science, and an enthusiasm for engaging all students to become curious, confident learners, I decided it was time to venture out on my own.

What problem(s) are you/your business trying to help solve?

Moving students away from rote learning to developing thinking skills in order to better retain information and use it to problem solve independently.

How is your company changing the world?

By helping create confident, independent-thinking problem solvers.

Why do you like being a part of the bigger CI Works puzzle?

CI Works administration help start-ups succeed through their positivity and encouragement. They offer excellent resources for ideas in an environment that encourages growth and reasonable risk taking.

What do you hope your company’s next milestone will be?

To offer SAT Prep classes on site as well as small group help such as a teacher directed study hall for students learning independence, but still in need of minimal support.

What’s cool about your team?

We are just becoming a team- one is a soon to be parent and the other a soon to be grandparent. Both with teaching roots at Landmark School.

What is your biggest fear?

Not a fear, really, but I want to make certain we keep ahead of need so we always offer personalized instruction for students.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Establishing a reputation for quality instruction in a relatively short period of time.

What is something most people don’t know about you/your brand?

“Putting pieces together” is not only about skills, but helping students find balance between school work, learning, and non-organized outside activities. We all need breaks. Sometimes students in need of tutoring are not given time to rejuvenate or refresh their minds so that they are better able to learn later.

What advice do you have for other small businesses?

Find support (such as CI Works offers). Set goals. Start slowly and build mindfully.

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