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Commercial PACE – Supported in Massachusetts or just Lip Service?

Commercial PACE is a brilliant concept that conceivably could have great commercial benefit in reducing energy costs

in Massachusetts for businesses. It is not an invented program, but an adaptation of an existing national program – successful in other states already. Gov. Baker came up with an interesting adaptation to focus on commercial buildings / businesses exclusively – in 2016. Now, 3 years later nothing has actually been accomplished, or even approved by whatever legislative body needs to approve it. Nobody seems to want to own up to the ball being in his / her court, rather pointing at everybody else. Please explain ownership or accountability. Contact your state rep or senator and find out nothing...

Now, Massachusetts is portraying itself as a green or environmentally focused state – when that works best for popularity purposes. But, why not implement a corresponding program? Maybe the mistake in taking 3 years and not getting done was the concept of involving 2 different ‘state agencies’ or secretariats under the administration’s control. But, nobody has ever mastered that art form. Everyone knows that going sideways in government is near impossible, and remains so under Baker – the capable executive….. at least 3 wasted years worth of impossible. There is nothing worse for a business than uncertainty and inefficiency…..all business (or former) executives know that. Supposedly, the program has made its way through the different administration departments, at this time, according to inside sources.

Now, tied up in legislative complications, what is the current status update???? What concerns me about that is that legislative stuff in Massachusetts often points to somebody’s hand in a lobbyists’s pocket, or some lobbyist’s hand in a legislator’s pocket. Does anyone remember this being an issue with Speakers of the MA House of Representatives? Did any of them actually get out of jail? There is no questions that electrical utilities have a great stake solar program development and have done their damndest to delay development.

Could we stop having to talk about this after 3 years? Could Gov. Baker get his agencies to work together to conclusion? And, could the ‘green interested’ Governor get his program approved so that businesses can move forward? Please……

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