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Energy Savings - What can be accomplished with a commercial building?

Chapter 1:

For starters, CI Works will be upgrading all of the lighting in the 11 Chestnut St. building we now own. All lighting with be upgraded to LED’s (or light emitting diodes). This technology has been around for years, but not all commercial building owners have taken advantage. The simple math at CI Works is annual electricity savings of $16,000. This begs the question – what owner would not want to have this benefit? I’m certain that many will be able to come up with numerous excuses and reasons.

For us as owners, the savings is a great benefit…….but there is so much more to be considered related to lighting. We will have a better lit exterior of the building that will provide a safer environment for our tenants accessing the parking lots, but in addition, it will improve the exterior appearance of the 100 year old brick mill building in the dark and attract more positive attention. The appearance will be more attractive to visitors. It will allow for any tenant companies that work out doors or ship products to have a better lit and safer work area. It also improves the security of vehicles and equipment left in the parking lot at night.

Then, there is the interior of the building to be considered:

  • Tenants will have a better lit and more conducive work environment for their employees and operations. This better light will improve their vision, productivity, and even their attitudes toward their work.

  • The current dingy yellow lighting negatively impacts products’ appearance - see attached picture. It is so bad that judging the color of wood products is greatly skewed as to actual color. The door below has more of an aged grey appearance, in person.

  • Promotional materials and videos look awful.

  • Current lighting can take a half hour to warm up…..not a productivity plus at all for business.

  • Therefore, lights are often left on for longer than needed due to warm up times.

  • The interior of the building appears dirty and dingy.

  • Numerous prospects have left CI Works cursing the lighting, which has cost us business.

  • Using more electricity requires burning more fossil fuels – negative environmentally.

So, if I can achieve all of the above benefits and still save $16,000 off my electric bill, what owner in even close to his / her right mind would NOT do this? Crazy people or lazy people, huh?

Chapter 2 to follow….

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