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Internship Program Opportunity For CI Works Tenants

Some companies assume that hiring interns is a waste of time and resources, but what they don’t know is an intern can actually be a huge asset to your company, small businesses especially. Starting out as a small business owner with either a handful of employees or none at all, it can be intimidating to add to your team. An option that many don’t consider is hiring an intern.

Internships usually last for as long as the school semester: Summer: May-August, Fall: August-January, Spring: February-May. This gives you an ample amount of time to train your intern(s), gain trust, and assign important tasks/projects. Students looking for internships are either looking for school credit or experience, which makes them reliable and willing to work.

Northern Essex Community College has partnered with CI Works to place students in internships of various trades. From marketing to data analysis, engineering, wood working and so much more. NECC has an amazing program that easily places interns. One of our tenants: Lightning Launch has utilized NECC’s internship program in the past and will be hiring one of their students for the Summer 2019 Semester. “NECC makes the process really easy, they do a great job of matching you with students who are interested in your business. We are always looking to expand our team, and we mostly hire previous interns because they understand the bones of the business.” –Lightning Launch Internship Supervisor.

Hiring an intern opens up a breadth of opportunity for you and your team. If you’re ever looking to hire someone, they tend to be the better choice because they know your business inside and out and can then train your next intern.

If you’re interested in hiring an intern, NECC’s Career Center Team will be here at CI Works on May 1st from 10-11am. They're offering a free information session that will cover the program, the process and all other opportunities that are available to small business owners including the MA Workforce Training Fund Grant and NECC’s Direct Access Grant.

We hope to see you all there, please RSVP!

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