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MVCC Energy Focused Building Mixer @ CI_Works

CI Works is pleased to host a Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce after hours mixer on Thursday, May 9 at 5:00 – 7:00. This event provides an opportunity for CI Works to expose our buildings and our business model to members of one of the largest chambers of commerce in Massachusetts. CI Works invites all of our tenant companies to participate by demo’ing products, supplying products as refreshments, or just participate in networking.

We have recently undertaken some building energy related projects that we want to expose to chamber members as examples of what they can also accomplish with their own buildings. EnergySource has completed a lighting retrofit of this entire 100 + year old building at 11 Chestnut St. with LED’s – inside and out that will net save CI Works every month including equipment finance – and will be available at the event to explain ‘how to’ to attendees. These energy undertakings not only result in money savings to the owner but also create better working environments for out tenants and their employees. This also creates a level of attractiveness for the building that allows us to compete with other buildings on an environmental sustainability plain. Our goal as should be everyone’s is a net zero building. Additionally, we are working with EnergySource regarding installation of an EV (electric vehicle) charging station on the premises at 11 Chestnut and available to all CI Works tenants and employees at no cost.

Still to come for CI Works at 11 Chestnut St. is to install a solar array on the building roof that is projected to produce up to 180kW of electricity to power the building and EV’s. The project is being managed by tenant company – Summit Energy – they will also be available to explain and answer ‘how to’ questions from attendees. They will also review project metrics like size, output, grid interconnection, and project financials. The project would have commenced by now in 2019 except that it has taken Mass state government over 3 years to get Commercial PACE off the ground and approved – from when Gov. Baker announced it in 2016. This PACE program could be very beneficial to business owners across Massachusetts and was the reason we selected May 9 as our event date to review with Chamber members. We also will be improving the building envelope efficiency and utilizing other tenant products to help meet our goal.

This event also represents an opportunity for CI Works tenants to be noticed by a new and broad audience coming from across the Merrimack Valley. Many of these CI Works companies have grown up in Amesbury and are now at the stage of commercial product sales readiness. There is a broad cross section of products made here that will be featured as part of this event. It will offer our tenants the opportunity to potentially develop product sales opportunities that could come from the Chamber members and their buildings. Or, connections may lead to service / installation opportunities for these products in conjunction with other MVCC Chamber members. We intend to feature food and beverages made at CI Works and will end with a brewery tour and a beer at BareWolf Brewing.

Please e-mail us at to sign up to participate and please include the scope of your intended participation. If you can respond by April 10 as to interest in participation, we will attempt to get your company name included in the MVCC invite out to all members.

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