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Maples Crossing to Proceed….at last

After months and many, too many, meetings, the Amesbury Planning Board gave the go ahead for ground breaking to proceed. There are many hurdles that will still be encountered by a project of this magnitude and numerous check points that the developer will need to meet during the course of the project, but we are thrilled that it is moving forward. Sitting in the audience at the meeting, it was confusing when board members seemed confused about what they would be voting to approve. But, they made it past it and actually voted.

What they were voting to approve is a project that has huge potential benefits to the city of Amesbury and its residents. A few benefits that I am aware of are as follows:

  • High visibility project that will put Amesbury on peoples’ radar that don’t know where Amesbury actually is.

  • A giant construction project that will create hundreds of jobs over numerous years.

  • Long term job creation and sustainability with Crossings operations.

  • A re-awakening of a significant accomplishment in Amesbury’s history – the Amesbury Maples.

  • Great visibility for Amesbury along route 495 as vehicles pass by.

  • Jobs and projects for numerous existing Amesbury businesses in both the construction phase as well as the ongoing operations of Maples Crossing.

  • Upgrade to the roads infrastructure from 495 exits, to route 150 interchange, and to access roads like S. Hunt Rd.

  • Further expansion of hotels and services industry jobs to locate at the facility.

  • Eventual real estate tax revenue increase to Amesbury.

  • Attracting individuals and families to Amesbury that may never get here otherwise.

  • Did I mention great visibility for Amesbury with otherwise unknown audience of people.

  • An enhanced flow of people traffic that will support downtown businesses – that would not otherwise exist.

  • Great signs downtown……and now additional people that can actually use the signs.

Can you imagine what the experience will feel like for Amesbury kids and coaches to be able to call this facility – their HOME rink. A huge sense of pride.

This is what this project will bring to Amesbury…….that the Planning Board approved after months of cautious committee meetings.

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