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SenaTOURs Visits CI Works – Sept. 17

Last week CI Works hosted an event organized by Sen. Diana DiZoglio. She and a half dozen other state senators came to visit and conduct an update / discussion about local legislative priorities and how the topics impacted this district. There was terrific attendance and great pastries provided by Ovedia. Discussion topics included the following:

  • Education – and funding availability

  • Environment – current status and challenges

  • Small Businesses

  • Economic Development

It was a very informative session including discussion of local priorities on the above topics. The six state senators in attendance now have a greater appreciation of these topics and how they impact the communities in Sen. DiZoglio’s district. Amesbury Mayor Gray and Newburyport Mayor Holaday also attended and participated. Kudos to Sen. DiZoglio for her efforts in organizing calendars and bringing this important group of senators to Amesbury.

We concluded the Forum with a tour of CI Works with specific focus on the businesses / technologies being developed here in Amesbury and the future potential for job creation in this area of Massachusetts – outside of greater Boston. All seemed impressed by the technologies and also the levels of collaboration exhibited across businesses in order to promote individual and group success in this business environment. The senators also enjoyed a tour and tasting of craft beers at BareWolf Brewery, and several commented that they will make it a point to return to BareWolf in the future.

We did not have enough time during the tightly scheduled visit balancing some very hectic schedules to promote open discussion and identify specific challenges impacting the small businesses located here – particularly the need for access to capital and financing they experience daily in Massachusetts. Small businesses are historically the job creation engine of the economy but are being severely limited in their growth by the current constipation experienced in the bank financing arena by regulations (excuse) and degree of risk avoidance (reality). Small businesses have always been viewed as risky, but nonetheless financed by banks. Many companies have been supported financially in some form by the state of Massachusetts during their research efforts but find nothing available to promote their growth – when poised to create jobs, and with a willing commitment to maintain those jobs in Massachusetts as they grow.

CI Works invites Sen. DiZoglio to come back to Amesbury and CI Works to continue this discussion and include other Amesbury businesses in the discussion. We look forward to continue working with you in the future to create and keep jobs in Massachusetts.

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