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Collaborator of the Year: Mary Boland

When Mary first approached me about renting an office for a video production company, I thought that seems pretty interesting. But what small business would ever use video – where, how, why, and most importantly – how much? It never crossed my mind that a small business – including mine - would be able answer those questions in the affirmative and the affordable.

Well, two years later, I am thrilled to say that Mary totally proved me wrong. Mary has worked with about 2 dozen companies located at CI Works to produce videos for a variety of purposes and have been exposed via web sites that contribute greatly to companies getting and keeping customers’ attention. Mary has produced numerous videos for CI Works and I still hear frequently how people I meet have visited our web site and love the videos and also have a better understanding of CI Works. Our video actors are our tenant companies, and who better to provide a testimonial than our tenants. The videos have been a huge asset for our company.

Another company located here had what seemed to be a really interesting and complicated product, that I didn’t honestly know what the heck it actually did. They contracted with Mary, she created an animated version for them, and now I actually know how the product works. And that was the first of many videos for that company. Mary heightened the company’s interest in using video and appreciation for how it can be used to enhance the value of their product and their company.

What better testament to collaboration is there than providing a valuable service – and doing it affordably. Mary is an absolute pleasure to work with, has boundless energy and enthusiasm for her craft – which by the way she is very good at. Her energy even gets video participants excited about being the target of her camera. I thought I would be nervous and then the video was complete and I’m not even sure I knew it started. Mary has been and continues to be a tremendous asset for companies at CI Works and we want to thank he for the spirit of collaboration that she contributes to every single day.

Photo courtesy of Ebacher Photography. Bob OBrien, CI Works, and Mary Boland, Anchor Hitch Media.

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