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3D Printing and Prototyping at CI Works

Zack Bolduc from Passiva PLT has approached CI Works with the idea of offering 3D printing and prototyping services to other businesses – using his equipment as well as his creative brain.

That was an easy yes from us – partly because he is already working with two companies and they feel as though they are progressing into new areas they never would have thought of. That is Collaborative Innovation at work. Every business out there can’t possibly possess all knowledge, skills, creativity, and own all of the possible tools the business could use. We designed CI Works to be a cross section of business types in an open floor plan to promote this communication and cooperation that promotes interaction. We are happy to promote this type of collaboration within our own walls. We're happy that our community is also taking advantage of the opportunity to do so.

Want to work with Passiva PLT for 3D printing and prototyping services? Check out the attached flyer!

Passiva Flyer 2022 Q1 PDF
Download PDF • 194KB

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