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Ahead to 2021....

2020 was like no other year I ever remember. When challenges are presented and times are tough – people look for leadership – and there was little at a national level. In a year of both health and economic challenges, there were just a bunch of self-serving statements issued. Leadership is about cohesion and strength on consistency and team efforts – none of that either. It was about division and dissension at a national level. I didn’t think it possible that the US would ever be a racist nation again. This year was a challenge without precedent, so it was also a make it up on the fly year also.

Massachusetts performed well with leadership from Gov. Baker – a steadying hand. Mayors had a beacon to follow, although every city is different. Everyone won’t necessarily like him, but I think he put health first and wealth second. Unfortunately, one state does not a United States make. There were individual states like Massachusetts, where decisions were being made with the best interest of citizens in mind, and other states listening to Trump and his formula and responding in the self-interest of governors and other electeds to getting re-elected first and citizens’ health and safety last.

Businesses had one hell of a difficult year, again no precedent to copy. Those that maintained the status quo are no longer in existence. Those that used the good common sense to look to the current status to determine strengths and look to the future and marry the two. Those that learned and pivoted, even if it was a very difficult pivot, are the survivors and they deserve credit for perseverance and persistence. It wasn’t easy by any means, but those that innovated and survived are pointed to the future. Innovators are the survivors.

The future – 2021 – is far from certain as to what will transpire, but there is an inkling of generally what business will look like. The return of consciousness regarding the importance of energy and the environment is a welcome sigh of relief and a potential path. Thankfully, the 19th-century brains have seen the sunset. 2021 will continue to require ongoing adaptation, but a better outlook exists. The retail and food services landscape is one giant QUESTION MARK. I personally am excited about facing 2021challenges and feel we are positioned to take advantage of the needed adaptations. I also think we are in an opportune location in Amesbury to take advantage of the evolving environment.

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