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Amesbury Downtown and Lower Millyard Plans

It won’t come as a surprise to people from Amesbury that there exists a plan to expand the downtown and include the lower millyard area as a growth space. The intent for the second or third or fourth iteration would be to further develop the Lower Millyard area through mixed use development to expand the human traffic flow through the downtown. The latest version is on the City web site at:

I would encourage Amesbury residents and business owners to read this plan. The plan includes the retasking of existing parcels from uses that don’t fit in a downtown area any longer; rehabilitation or existing dilapidated buildings and bring them back on-line as appropriate uses; improve the area appearance and safety considerations like sidewalks, lighting, and natural plantings. The area would also include a new retail area that focuses on products actually made in Amesbury by companies and artisans. Additional residential housing would also be included in appropriate locations. This combination would increase the traffic flow to and through the downtown by extending the current rail trail into the downtown and up to the Upper Millyard.

Who else is for taking this plan developed by consultants at Amesbury’s request and dated May, 2021and actually getting it activated? It can’t happen overnight, but by commencing activity it becomes more attractive to real estate developers that could take advantage of the residential opportunities and the rehab of old historic buildings. Doing nothing is very unattractive. This activity could be really good for Amesbury….but at the same time has become very silent.

Amesbury's Lower Millyard (Water St).

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