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Amesbury Farmer’s Market in April

I was thrilled to hear this week that a small group of energetic and creative young people will be bring a weekly farmer’s market to Amesbury in the Lower Millyard. This type of activity can bring a number of positives to Amesbury. This is a community driven activity intended to bring people together and socialize in a friendly scenario. It also exposes activities – food products – produced in Amesbury to a wider audience of potential customers to increase sales and thereby help these growing businesses to succeed. Let's all hope that planning does not raise its ugly head and create undue delays. There is also discussion going on about including other products ‘Made in Amesbury’ to the mix at these market events. This will further expose some of the crafts and products made in Amesbury and people will be very pleasantly surprised. The Farmer’s Market has a successful collision with a Maker’s Market.

Support your local Amesbury Makers. Find out more at:

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