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Amesbury – Where Businesses Help Other Businesses

I have found Amesbury businesses to be quite welcoming to other new businesses. The same holds true with the Chamber of Commerce. Amesbury is also a constantly innovative environment. This formula fosters cooperation and growth.

Naples Pizza wanted to conduct a training session for their employees and contact Phil DeCologero, Exec Dir at the Chamber. It was to be held on a Sunday with the intent of not doing in the work environment. Phil then contacted me at CI Works, where we have conference rooms and a larger group meeting space in one of the old Amesbury mill buildings. There is not a great deal of manufacturing activity going on Sundays and nothing was scheduled in our meeting space. It was a very easy Yes for me. It was an example of a business helping another business and it did not cost cost a dime.

Then, I heard from Cole Ciprari, owner of Naples, that many of his employees are students and athletes at Amesbury High School. He is providing a job and a learning opportunity to students. It provides the students with a real life employment opportunity – the good and the not so good – well in advance of any career decisions. They learn discipline, accountability, and the numbers. I remember that my dad used to do something similar at his store and how much the students appreciated it. It was part of their learning curriculum back then.

Also, currently with all of the lack of available employees challenges that restaurants are experiencing, Cole found another innovative way to tackle this. I also heard first hand of the generosity provided by Naples during the pandemic like food donations

to the area hospital and other deserving places. I hope that it turns into a good experience for the students, and I know personally that I will continue to be a customer of Naples.

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