Being a Sustainable Business

Key success factors for new businesses aren’t just numbers, but also behaviors and activities. This is particularly true of consumer products. The company may have the most beautiful décor related product, the most innovative device to prepare a meal, an efficient tool for regular use in the kitchen, or even a food product. What has increased in importance to consumers is whether a company and its products reflect an awareness of their environmental impact.

Congratulations to Onesto and Jane not only for receiving these awards, but also for the may Onesto conducts its business.

Onesto’s Celebrating with 20% Off

We are so honored to have been recognized by TWO amazing organizations for our green/sustainability practices!

Enter GREEN20 at checkout and we’ll take 20% off

(one use per email address., valid between 11/16/22-12/19/22)

Thank you, Mindful Awards and US Chamber of Commerce for supporting our mission to make amazing food as mindfully and responsibly as we can.

I encourage other businesses to look at what they do in their businesses, maybe have to tweak the how part a bit, and then incorporate these behavior changes not only in your business, but also in

your brand.

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