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Blackburn's Effort to Save the Planet

Blackburn has developed their RealGen technology to take advantage of the inefficiency of petrol engines to charge batteries that power accessories on commercial trucks. These accessories, including air-conditioners for sleeping cabs and power liftgates in urban areas, have historically been powered by engine idling. This technology has the potential to cut down emissions by eleven million tons / a billion gallons of burned diesel each year.

Blackburn’s promise has been recognized early on. With their prototype winning the Mass Challenge pitch competition and receiving grants from the Mass Clean Energy Center that seeded further development. Now Blackburn has Contracts with Toyota developing ways to integrate their technology into future cars.

This shows promise not only for semi-trucks and cars but will be able to help areas of the world that would be left behind as the world transitions to clean energy. The technology will someday be able to be used to create ‘micro grids’ in areas with no energy infrastructure. These grids will use batteries charged by their car or commercial trucks to power their home.

Blackburn came to CI works because it offered the benefits of being a former factory and the flexible space it offered. Allowing for their footprint to grow as the company from the Design to Prototyping and now Production.

Blackburn’s focus on practical solutions to the large problems of today, relying on improving existing technology that does not rely on future development of other technologies is creating immediate and impactful change.

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