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CI Works Mission Statement - 2020

In 'crazy' times - remain true and zealous to your mission:

CI Works offers ‘Real estate as a Service’ to small businesses by providing access to well equipped industrial buildings to scale up stage companies in Amesbury, MA. Our model offers flexible space that is affordable to companies at the current stage of their development and offers expansion opportunity based upon need and revenue growth. We include flexible footprints, lease terms, and an open environment promoting cross company collaboration and sustainability practices. CI Works closely with individual companies to identify outside partner opportunities - as illustrated above - and internally to identify strengths and expertise available from other tenants that may be leveraged.

Individual businesses acquire a wealth of expertise and capabilities through experience in specific knowledge domains they acquire – unique to their industry. Every business faces many challenges over their lifetimes that may seem totally unique to them. There are challenges that are unique to an industry, a technology, or in these fast moving times requiring reaction when encountered and with immediacy. Many challenges are similar across businesses – marketing and sales, social media, distribution, and supply chain, as examples. Other CI Works tenants already have experience in these areas and for some, it is their business. Companies from day 1 need to build relationships, develop relationships with neighbors, and be prepared for these challenges in advance.

One of the biggest challenges / expenses each business faces relates to commercial real estate. Commercial real estate remains a very rigid and unforgiving commodity. The basic model is single owner occupier of buildings. At early stages, small businesses can’t afford to purchase real estate. The typical owner remains rigid in the desire to lease to the smallest number of tenants possible, not addressing the small business segment. Large footprints, long terms, and expensive rates do not offer the nimbleness and flexibility required by small companies, particularly at scale up stage. CI Works differentiates from other real estate options by tailoring leasing to the specific needs of companies vs. the needs of the owner. This is what Real Estate as a Service means.

If you own a small business looking to grow - Stop by when convenient and check out CI Works!

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