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COVID and Confusion

COVID has represented trying times for all in coping with an unprecedented health least in our life times. I have to give credit to MA state government for responding to crisis level health conditions - both cases and deaths - with a steady hand and calm approach . This is in spite of a chaotic and inconsistent approach from the federal government. Does anyone really think that 110,000 dead Americans is a HOAX?

Shutting down the state to prevent further transmission of COVID was smart and measured and has produced favorable results in MA as to the spread of COVID 19. Now, businesses must be able to reopen smoothly, safely, and expeditiously. Many have been crushed by the extensive downtime and only those that have adapted well are doing well now. But all businesses must be given the chance to recover. Unprecedented means that a proven formula does not exist to follow for reopening. I have viewed the state's guidance as the de facto developing roadmap for both shutting down and now opening up. Multiple roadmaps would create intense confusion.

Realistically, we all need to use common sense and each be prudent in our behaviors and with employees. It has been a confusing environment for businesses across the state. The state of MA is setting the guidelines for re-opening that we need to follow, and when needed, cut businesses some slack in implementing them. What businesses don't need is individual municipalities deciding on precise and conservative interpretations of the guidelines and even tighter permitting interpretations and requirements. Cities have had years to get permitting right - so, just live with them for the time being and get businesses open - and if cities think they are improperly implemented or too loosely enforced, FIX them when adequate time allows. In the meantime, just offer businesses some latitude.

Businesses are in a competitive environment and need excess latitude right now. Make it simpler for them to compete - with industry competitors, with other towns, and with businesses in other states. It has been a very rough four months for small businesses in MA, don't make it any harder at this critical juncture.


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