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Eat a Shark!

In a B to C environment (business selling direct to consumers) there is nothing better than getting the broadest possible product awareness, particularly in an attractive market segment – in terms of interest and affordability. So, you think that your product is innovative in nature and it is sold at a price point affordable to most Americans – every owner thinks that. Then how do you get your product on TV without having to pay high prices for TV ads? How do you find a time slot that attracts a large audience and that audience is interested in innovative products and approaches? Sounds like a great deal of work and expense. Alternatively, get your company and product on Shark Tank. The show has existed for years on TV, has developed a strong following of viewers interested in innovative products, and occupies a prime time slot on a major TV network and is repeated in the lesser, but specialized TV networks in other time slots expanding the potential viewer demographic. Now, that may sound pretty simple and easy, but believe me, there are tens of thousands of companies competing for these opportunities to be seen on the weekly show. Competing for investment from the ‘Sharks’ is one of the goals of being on the show, but the vast viewership from a customized demographic that would be interested in learning more about and buying your product – would be pure gravy on top. I have made it sound pretty easy here, but the route to Shark Tank takes enormous effort and very persistent business owners to get on TV. You don’t just pick up the phone and magically hear that you are invited to be on the show. It takes enormous effort, channel building, and extensive and persistent follow up to just get on the show’s radar, and then more and more persistence to climb the radar to interest, and then even more persistence to get on the show. Then you find out whether the sharks will offer an investment, and if you have done a great job at positioning your product, it could be great for your sales and revenue.

Congratulations to Fling Golf for persisting and actually being on Shark Tank on Friday, May 14. Sales results of highest margin product version will be the ultimate determinant, but 3 days in - shipping volumes are soaring as you can see below.

Through sales growth - Eat a Shark!

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