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Golf Meets Fling Golf

The Amesbury Chamber of Commerce recently held their annual golf tournament at beautiful Abenaqui Country Club in Rye, NH. We decided to assemble a CI Works 4-some including tenant businesses. I was joined by Dermot Bolger of ID Funds – another traditional golfer that won’t give up the crooked sticks and try something new…stubborn Irish guys. We were joined by Steve and Ari Bloom of Fling Golf fame. You may recall from an earlier blog post that Fling Golf recently graduated to an appearance on Shark Tank in May, 2021 and came home with a deal with a Shark. Steve is the General Manager of Fling and Ari is his 14 year old son. Fling Golf was invented by Alex VanAllen at CI Works in Amesbury and pretty much every Fling stick in existence today was assembled here.

The premise behind Fling Golf includes making golf faster and easier to play for a wider audience of players not attracted any longer to the traditional game of 14 clubs and too many lost golf balls. Another key element was to attract family members to participate together that would never happen with the traditional sticks as has been evident for generations. Steve and his son Ari not only played together, they even succeeded in getting along and exchanging pointers with each other throughout the course and the day. Part of the original idea behind Fling was to bring family members together and we saw it happening first hand. On a very good day, a traditional golfer might even be able to spend some time with his wife on a golf course. The second area of interest from other Chamber members was whether the stodgy members at Abenaqui would even allow it to happen on their precious fairways. Again, not a problem. Many other participating Chamber members were asking loads of questions about the game – where it came from, how much the sticks cost, where they could get them, and what the future trajectory for the company looked like.

Another benefit of FlingGolf is the ability to control the ball and hit the fairway consistently. They did! The benefit to their team mates – Dermot and me - was that we could then just plain swing away and continue the constant quest in golf – to ‘find the lost ball’ that you actually were behind losing in the first place. We did not lose any golf balls up in trees last week that wouldn’t come down, but the ponds and woods happily swallowed their fair share. Although it rained, it was still a very pleasant experience and another example of Amesbury ingenuity succeeding, which aligns with the mission of the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce.

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