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Innovators Collaborate for Success

It is rewarding at CI Works to again see companies working together to create success. Each company individually can accomplish a lot, but when they work together they can achieve even more and broader success. The past COVID year has greatly stunted growth for many companies, but May 2021 has now created some breakout moments.

FlingGolf had a great accomplishment on May 14 when they were live on ABC-TV on Shark Tank. It was a monumental achievement for them to survive the numbers game through the masses of participants to make it to the finalists live on the show. They even struck a deal with one of the Sharks, although Mr. Wonderful may still think that golf will never change or innovate, rather let golf courses go out of business one at a time until there are none. Fling's product is multi-dimensional because the company makes a profit, the Fling players find an energetic and exciting way to enjoy their version of golf, and golf courses generate revenue from players they would never see on their courses. People with an entrepreneurial spirit appreciate this type of success.

Blackburn Energy is another innovative company in the trucking industry that benefits trucking companies through savings, drivers through less hassle and more use of creature comforts, and the environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels and eliminate idling. Blackburn had an important meeting today with a large prospect - Toyota Trucking. It is a huge accomplishment for a small company to earn the attention of a large company like Toyota, so kudos to Blackburn. They not only impressed Toyota with their own innovation, technology, and environmental awareness.....

Blackburn introduced Toyota executives to FlingGolf and that innovation. Blackburn also collaborated with Fling to provide gifts to the visitors of FlingSticks with the Blackburn logo included (below).

Golf course owners may even benefit from today's meeting at CI Works.

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