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Make the US Constitution Relevant Again

I am a patriot and feel strongly that the Constitution is the strength of this country and should be our guiding document. But, it is also 250 (or so) years old. Little else remains unchanged for this long. Businesses know all about change and are constantly evolving, pivoting, and changing plans on the fly. Annual business plans can look totally different from one year to the next and are often updated quarterly. People must adapt their lives daily to adapt. Things like automobiles, electricity, airplanes, and now the internet have drastically changed the world we live in and we have had to adapt. Think that the guiding document of 250 years ago contemplated these changes when the founders were composing it?

The founders were brilliant men and I am not criticizing them. Unfortunately, politicians and elected officials are now exploiting this 250 year gap. People like Trump and Cruz, and others – mostly Republicans - are trying to slither through these doors. I am embarrassed to admit I once was a republican. Does one ever think that the founders contemplated AK-15’s and other automatic weapons when they wrote about muskets? And, 250 years later, this is the guidance for gun control? Even the concept is preposterous and too many children in this country are dying at the hands of people that shouldn’t even carry a musket. Gun control should be strengthened proportionate with the increase in firepower of these weapons. A little common sense might also assist.

The idea that the Constitution would be leveraged to influence the results of a Presidential election sickens me. The article from the Boston Globe helps to shed some light on the situation and I recommend it:

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