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Passiva PLT Locates at CI Works by Amesbury Native

Passiva is headed up by Zack Bolduc, who grew up and played sports in Amesbury, MA. In addition to Passiva, Zack is a technology advisor for the Boston Bruins in his spare time. He invented titanium skate blades for professional hockey players that are worn by Bruins players like Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand. How’s that for a spare-time gig? In addition, Zack has done consulting work with other companies at CI Works.

Zack attended UMass-Lowell and studied Nanochemistry. He works with his dad at Passiva, who is a physicist. Since he grew up in Amesbury, he chose to locate his company here, aware of the history of Amesbury as a hub for industrial innovation. Since Passiva is in the pre-high growth stage, they chose to locate at CI Works because they were offered lease terms where the footprint of the space they needed was more than adequate, but the lease rate allowed them to grow into that space as their financial results improved. CI Works also provides them the opportunity to be around other early-stage companies that they can learn from through experience and interaction. The atmosphere of idea sharing and innovation occurs in individual companies, plus communication across companies. A single owner’s experience and training can become a valuable resource for multiple businesses and be part of each other’s sales teams.

Passiva is fulfilling Zack and his father’s dream of using nanotechnology to change the world through the use of light rays. The future of nanotechnology has finally caught up with their ideas. One of the most promising aspects of Passiva’s technology is the ability to treat people with myopia. Millions of people in Asia and other parts of the world suffer from this condition. This nearsightedness can be addressed through the technology Passiva has created. It will allow for precision treatment rather than the current option of thick correcting lenses that physically force the patient’s eyeball into the correct shape. The Passiva material embedded in a standard contact lens allows for actual treatment and quality of life not otherwise possible. A number of other uses for Passiva’s materials are also being pursued, such as skin treatments using this passive light technology.

Zack and his dad are out to change the world from Amesbury, MA. Small and innovative businesses have done well in Amesbury and best wishes to Passiva in becoming the latest.

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