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Positive Energy People

My favorite boss shared some wisdom with me about 20 years ago that I still find prophetic: you will encounter two types of people in your business career – those that give you energy and those that just plain take your energy away. Surround yourself with the former type of people and you will be successful and just ditch the latter. I still find that to be the case today, even though what Jim might actually have been encouraging me not to do was whine so much. I still learned an important lesson either way.

One of those people that just radiates energy is Mary Boland of Anchor Hitch Media. The picture above illustrates the energy and engagement she brings to her work. Mary is a brilliant video producer that not only gives people energy by engaging with them, she also helps owners to understand a new layer of their business that they may not even know themselves – what is most important to customers. Mary is willing to ‘work with’ small businesses to develop promotional videos that convey the essence of your business in a way that is totally understandable by your potential customers, and in ways that many owners won’t think of themselves. I have seen first hand Mary transforming products on their way to market as highly technical engineered solutions translated to animation that helps viewers understand what the product actually does, take other products being conveyed by owners as the result of much commitment, creativity and heart on their part – to just plain being fun in video, and instances where people developed long winded and technical ‘pitches’ that she helped make simple, understandable and visually appealing.

With each of her customers, she puts the commitment in to take the time to understand the business and product she will be filming, the owners she will be working with and what is important to them, and most importantly how to convey the story to your customers and potential customers. Like many other business owners, I thought I knew more than everyone else about the business I was developing and that I could just convey to people what was most important to me. Big mistake – your story is not important to customers, what is important is how your product / service fits into their story. The picture below is of that engaged person.

Like many others, initially I would get very intimidated about being in a video, what I might blurt out and then not be able make go away. Mary develops questions that translate to a script and can be answered truthfully. At first, I’d prepare for hours for the questions that I did not want to be asked, but that is not how she rolls. It is a comfortable, low pressure back and forth conversation, and even fun in the process. During filming – Mary just injects mega-watts of energy into the environment. When completed, I am actually more energized than when we started and had fun doing it. Next obvious step – go grab a beer!

If you do not know Mary, you should, and I would always be happy to make that introduction because I trust her to do a great job.

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