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Re-Opening Massachusetts

As most of you are likely aware, the state of Massachusetts has announced re-opening guidelines effective May 18. Similar to the determination of 'essential / non-essential' businesses, applicability to re-opening Phases is the responsibility of each individual company to determine. You can find details specific to each business at this site:

Each company located at CI Works should complete and sign the suggested checklist included at the link above. Also, it is required of each company to prepare a COVID-19 written Control Plan for your business workplace. In the event of compliance checks being performed by either city of Amesbury or state of Massachusetts public service or public health personnel, this completed Control Plan is what should be submitted to them for your company.

There are safety guidelines required as part of that re-opening that we all must comply with in individual workplaces. In addition, CI Works will be addressing the following areas:

· Buildings will remain closed to the general public and key access with be required of tenants and employees.

· Meeting areas and conference rooms will not be available unless Social Distancing and Masks requirements are met by companies and visitors.

· Face shields / masks will be required for all employees and visitors. Make sure that you plan to have an adequate supply available for any employees and visitors.

· Please plan to limit where in the buildings your visitors are allowed to go and please accompany them so there is no wandering into other companies' spaces uninvited.

· Shipments in and out will need to be coordinated by each individual company with the trucking firms you utilize. There is no real need to have delivery people wandering around buildings searching for company personnel. Locked doors will help to prevent this activity.

· Please also ensure building security is maintained when you are present here and keep public access doors locked.

· In addition, CI Works will ensure:

1. availability of handsoap in each restroom for hygiene needs

2. installation of hand sanitizer dispensers in main entry doorways

3. cleaning and disinfecting will be performed weekly

4. daily wipedowns of door knobs/handles, light switches, and stair rails will be performed in common areas

4. cleaning should be done as needed in individual leaseholds by tenants.

5. We will have a no-touch thermometer available in both 11 Chestnut and 12 Oakland for temperature testing for employees and visitors - upon receipt of May 1 order.

Please conform to these state guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all.

Stay healthy and safe.

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