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All at once, workers everywhere were instructed to work from home and avoid workplaces, restaurants, and other group settings like a switch was flipped. For a solid year, we have all worked in our own little test tubes of changing conditions. Hybrid became the go to phrase for companies, restaurants, churches, and even schools. I then assumed that the switch would be flipped back on to in the workplace employments on a particular date and time.

That has not and will not be happening. The attached article outlines some high level plans for 13 different companies in / around Boston and what is clear is that no two are the same. They vary by work location, % of employees, # of days per week, and when changes become effective. They do not conform to a Massachusetts state reopening date. It has worked for some and for others - working from home - has become the latest excuse for either incompetence or apathy about work - this is not good and I'm certain we have all heard it numerous times.

The COVID pandemic have forced companies to be innovative and make both strategic and tactical changes in their business models and delivery means. Those that were stubborn and wouldn't change are mostly gone. Those that have survived resulted through innovation and should be nimble in the future and continue to innovate as opportunities arise. As to workplaces, each company cannot possibly try every option, so keep your eyes and ears open as to what others have tried and implement those changes that have been successful and try them in your company.

And, do yourself and everyone else the courtesy of GET VACCINATED!

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