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Smith & Wesson Leaves Mass. ?

Just read an article in the Boston Globe today (at this link: My initial reaction for about a nanosecond was…that’s too bad to see a business and jobs leave the Massachusetts economy. Then, I realized, ‘no it’s not’. They make automatic weapons and sell them throughout the United States. These long guns with sights and magazines are not for sport and even represent more than half of their profits. I do not be-grudge the hunters their sporting rifles – single shot, but give the damn deer and other animal species a chance. You are likely not named Don Jr. and can’t con your way out of it for a picture. I do not applaud government restrictions, but I think Massachusetts was on the right path to limit the production of these weapons in Massachusetts.

Gun control must become a multi-party sport across the United States. It must include the manufacturers, the sellers, the buyers, and law enforcement. Manufacturers should limit their production to sporting or other licensed uses and stop producing anything that could lead to mass shooting events; sellers need to be more careful checking the actual qualifications of purchasers and ensure they are legit – don’t bend any rules or cut anyone slack – these are weapons; ghost guns sold via the internet should be an immediate trip to prison if someone is in any way involved in the distribution or purchase; crazy lawyers and their equally crazy wives should get back in their cages instead of pointing their guns at people – even in Missouri; purchasers should just plain utilize some common sense in their purchasing decisions; law enforcement should strive to enforce the laws without needing to use their guns; and lawmakers should put down their politics entirely and see whether they actually have any common sense and actually change laws to be relevant in 2021. We can leave Ted Cruz in Texas with his constitutional musket argument and see how he does with that.

Mass shootings must be eliminated immediately and all needed steps taken to get as many guns off the streets as possible and out of unqualified peoples’ hands. And if there is any question about qualifications – you aren’t qualified. And, does anyone think that Smith & Wesson is going to Tennessee and abide by the 2nd amendment as they claim and produce muskets? This unfortunately is just another American company shirking any type of public responsibility in favor of corporate profits.

Good luck to S & W and Tennessee and let’s hope they are happily married.

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